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1. A visitor may be asked to leave the Brown County Jail, a visit may be cancelled or visiting privileges suspended if a visitor does not follow visiting rules. Any illegal activity will result in a citation and/or arrest. Any conduct unbecoming will not be tolerated. Such actions as abusive language, profanity, drunkenness, public arguments, and abusive conduct towards any staff will result in the visitor being asked to leave the facility. Visiting privileges may be suspended or terminated.

  • Visitors must abide by county ordinances, federal and state laws.
  • Visitors must store all belongings in lockers.
  • Visitors must produce proper ID.
  • Visitors may not be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Visitors must submit to search procedure.
  • Visitors may only visit the inmate they have indicated to the visiting officer.
  • Visitors may only be present in the visiting area indicated on their badge.
  • Personal visitors are not allowed inside the Professional Visitation rooms at any time.
  • Visitors may not pass, or attempt to pass anything to the inmates.
  • Visitors may not bring food, gum, beverages, into any visiting area. Smoking is strictly prohibited and enforceable by County Code.
  • Visitors will not vandalize (scratch, mark, paint, and/or break) equipment, furniture, fixtures, or walls.
  • Minor children must be closely supervised at all times.

2. Visiting per Security Classifications

  • Minimum Custody: Persons in this category are permitted one visit per day, subject to conditions in this policy.
  • Medium Custody: Persons in this category are permitted three visits per week, one visit per day, subject to the conditions of this policy.
  • Maximum Custody: Persons in this category are permitted one visit per day, per week, subject to the conditions of this policy.
  • Disciplinary Custody: Persons in this category are not permitted personal visits, with the following exception: If an inmate is serving punitive time in excess of thirty days, he/she may be permitted one visit per month thereafter based upon positive behavior.

3. The visitor must be on the inmate's approved visitor list or the visit will be denied.

4. No visitor, who has been confined within the Brown County Jail within the past 30 days, will be allowed to visit an inmate.

5. All visitors must conform to the following dress code or they will not be allowed to visit:

  • All visitors shall be required to wear a shirt and shoes.
  • All visitors shall wear clothing that will not offend or provoke any person(s).
  • All visitors will not wear clothing that is considered excessively provocative or in bad taste.
  • No see through, midriff, tank top or sleeves cut off; No short shorts, excessively short skirts or dresses with excessive high slits.
  • At no time are visitors allowed to wear hats within the Facility.

6. No one under the age of 18 shall be allowed to visit an inmate unless accompanied by their parent or guardian. Legal documentation confirming guardianship may be requested.

7. No more than two (2) immediate family members shall be allowed to visit an inmate at any one time. The following exceptions are allowed:

  • Three (3) family members may visit if one is under the age of 17.
  • Minor children of the inmate, under the age of 13 years need not be named on the inmate's visitor list.
  • Children under the age of five (5) years, who can be held in the arms of an adult, are permitted and shall not be counted as a visitor.

8. Immediate family is defined as mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent, spouse, son and/or daughter. This is to include stepparents and stepsiblings.

9. Persons who fall into the category of a relative (aunt, uncle, or cousin) are considered as non-family members and need to be on the inmate’s approved visitor list. Those who fall into this category and are under the age of 18 years will not be permitted to visit.

10. No more than one non-family member will be allowed to visit an inmate at a time. Exception; when one non-family member is acting as a guardian for a minor family member, both parties will be allowed to visit at the same time.

11. Inmates may receive visits from one non-family member at the same time as they receive a visit from one family member. However, this must be coordinated so that both visitors arrive and visit at the same time.

12. A visit will be denied for the following reasons:

  • The visitor is disruptive or dangerous.
  • The visit has a history of disruptive behavior during previous visits.
  • The visitor is observed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • The visitor refuses to show satisfactory identification.
  • The visitor is not on the inmate's approved visitor list.
  • The inmate refuses the visit.

13. During their appointed visiting day, all visitors must check in at the visitors desk and present at least one of the following forms of photo identification:

  • Wisconsin Drivers License
  • Wisconsin Identification Card
  • Brown County Identification Card
  • Out of state Drivers License (with Photo)
  • Resident Alien Card (with Photo)
  • Any valid school identification Card (with Photo)
  • Any official form of identification which can be collaborated with other forms of identification.

14. All visitors are instructed to place personal belongings in the lockers located in the lobby.

15. All visitors are required to pass through a metal detector before they are allowed to enter the visiting area.
NOTE: If a metal detector alarm is activated when passing through, the visitor will be subject to a pat down search.

16. All visitors are subject to search before being allowed to visit in order to control contraband into the facility.

17. A denial by a visitor to be searched will result in the denial of a visit.

18. Any visitor that does not comply with these visiting rules will have their visit denied and/or terminated.

19. A second violation will result in removal from an inmate's approved visitor list and subject to deny entry for future visits.

20. Personal visits may be subject to monitoring at any time.

21. There will be no personal visits during shift change or meal times.

Inmate Property

Property Allowed to be Brought In During Visiting Hours

  • Underclothing – T-shirts, socks, and sports bras. 3 sets each, plain white cotton material, new in package.
  • Money – Cash, Checks or Money Orders.
  • Donations – Certain items are allowed to be donated to the Brown County Jail in general; not to a particular individual.
  • Soft Cover Paperback Books
  • Board Games, Playing Cards, and Puzzles (New – in original packaging)
  • Clothing – Socks, Underwear, and t-shirts. (New – in original packaging)
  • Art Supplies – Paper (white, may be drawing stock), colored pencils

Release of Property

Release of Property While in Custody

An inmate may release personal property to any adult he/she chooses. The inmate will complete a form that will be kept on file for thirty days. The form will have what items are to be released and to whom, signed and dated. The person designated to retrieve the items should report to the visiting area. The visiting officer will confirm a release is on file, and verify the identity of the person authorized to receive the item(s) that are to be released. If the request is for any item(s) contained in the heat-sealed personal property bag, the entire bag will be released with the inmate's permission or nothing will be released. The receiving party will sign the form before the items are released. If there is no release on file, the visitor will be informed to contact the inmate to complete a release form.

Inmate Released/Transferred to Department of Corrections

When an inmate is remanded to the State prison system, all property not accepted by the DOC will be stored for a maximum of 30 days. The inmate will sign a property release form naming persons allowed to pick the property up. Upon the expiration of 30 days, any unclaimed items will be disposed of.


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