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Frequently Asked Questions



All personís reporting to the Brown County Jail to begin serving a sentence involving Huber privileges are to report to the visiting area of the Brown County Jail located at 3030 Curry Lane, Green Bay.  Inmates should pick up a pre-registration packet at the Brown County Jail, 3030 Curry Lane, Green Bay, or the Huber Law Center, 125 S. Adams Street, Green Bay.  Please fill in the requested information and return it to the Brown County Jail, 3030 Curry Lane, Green Bay WI  54311, by mail or in person 10 days prior to your scheduled report date.

On the day you report to jail, you will be required to report at 8:00 PM to the Brown County Jail at 3030 Curry Lane, Green Bay, WI.   You will be booked in and released to travel to the Huber Law Center located at 125 South Adams Street, Green Bay.   It is your responsibility to provide travel arrangements. 

Reporting in under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol may be grounds for denial or delay of work release privileges.

Short Term Sentences

If you are sentenced to serve 20 days or less, you will be required to pay all board in advance. ($20 per day)  Failure to pay board in advance will result in your return to lock-up.  A $30 booking fee will be assessed.

Long Term Sentences

If you are sentenced to serve more than 20 days, your paycheck will be collected directly from your employer and proper board charges ($20 per day) will be deducted from your account, as authorized by State Statute 303.08(5).  Direct deposit of payroll is not accepted.  A $30 booking fee will be assessed.

Self Employed

If you are self-employed, you will be required to pay your board 2 weeks in advance and from then on, on a weekly basis from Sunday through Saturday, at a rate of $140.00 per week.  A $30 booking fee will be assessed.  Failure to keep board paid in advance will result in your return to lock-up.  All individuals requesting to operate their businesses while in the Huber Law Center must provide the following information to the Huber Lieutenant:

    • Name of business, address, phone number, number of years in business
    • Tax I.D. number
    • Copy of last 2 yearís taxes
    • Copies of past work contracts as well as future contracts
    • Two weeks board in advance ($280)
    • Copy of Business liability insurance policy

All self-employment jobs must be approved through the Huber Law Lieutenant. 

Expense Money

You will not be allowed to have more than $50 cash anywhere within the Huber Law Center at any time. 

Operating a Motor Vehicle

Huber inmates who would like to drive a vehicle must provide the following information:

    • Valid driverís license
    • Proof of ownership or written permission from owner to use vehicle
    • Proof of valid insurance listing you as the primary driver
    • Proof of vehicle registration
    • Proof you have arranged for a parking space with Green Bay Parking Utility (448-3431)

Transferring Sentence To/From Another County

If you are interested in transferring your jail sentence to or from another county, it must be court ordered by the sentencing judge.  Indicate on the pre-registration information sheet, the county that you would like to serve your sentence in.  You will be contacted for further information.  Do not make arrangements yourself or new criminal charges of Fail to Report to Jail may be erroneously filed!  Incoming transfers will be charged a board rate of ($22 per day) and a transfer application fee of ($25).  

Property Items to Bring With You to Jail on Your Report Date:

    • One (1) Alarm Clock (wind-up or battery powered) or wristwatch with alarm
    • All prescription medications
    • Three (3) pairs of socks, three (3) T-Shirts, Three (3) pairs of non-thermal underwear.  Plain white only
    • Work clothes for the following day
    • Money to be put on Canteen Account
    • Personal Bible or Koran
    • Legal documents

Do NOT Bring Any of the Following Items on Your Report Date:

  • Any toiletries (Your initial packet of hygiene items will be supplied in the jail)
  • Any and all jewelry, including wedding/engagement rings
  • Cell phones, pagers, walkmans, or any other battery operated or electronic device
  • Pocket knives or work tools
  • Books or magazines
  • Pens, pencils, writing paper or notebooks 

Lighters, Matches, Tobacco Products and Any Other Smoking Materials Are Considered Contraband Within Any Brown County Jail Facility.  Possession of Smoking Materials or Tobacco Products Within the Brown County Jail, or Huber Law Center is a Rule Violation, and Will Result in Disciplinary Action.   

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit of wages is not allowed.


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