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Brown County, Wisconsin
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Information is as current as the postings of at . Note: Documents received prior to this date may be on hold or pending entry into the land records system.

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  School District   None
  Sanitary District   None
  Special District(s)   None
Current Unofficial Valuation
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  n/a   n/a   n/a   n/a   n/a
  Legal Acres 0.000    
  Values are not official until new tax bills are issued in December.
  Note: For a specific tax year valuation, select tax year from tax records available below.
  Note: Land Use Class is not a Zoning Classification. If you are looking for Zoning Classification, you will need to contact the municipality.
  Note: Legal Acres, as listed in the Property's Legal Description, may differ slightly from the Total Acres, or the sum of the acreage for all land classifications.
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