Land Records Search

You must enter search criteria for at least the street or municipality if you choose to search by Property Address.  You must enter the complete parcel number if you choose to search by Parcel Number.  Enter the District Code in the first box, and the Parcel Identifier in the second box.

If your address search involves a County Highway, usually listed as County Road by the US Post Office,  you will need to enter "CTH" and the name of the highway (Ex: CTH B, CTH GV).   If your search involves a State Highway, you need to enter "STH" plus the name of the highway (ex:  STH 57). 

If the street name is a numbered street, you must spell it out (ex:  THIRTEENTH, not 13th). 

Do not use any periods in the street name (ex: ST BERNARD, not ST. BERNARD).

If you are searching a duplex, you will need to enter both house numbers in the following format:  1023-1025.

Include as much information as possible to narrow your search results.  However, only include information in your search that you know to be correct.  You do not have to enter search criteria in every field.

Do not use " or ' quotation marks in your search.

Searching is not case sensitive.  Searching for street MAIN or main will yield the same search results.

To PRINT a copy of the Property Tax Record, be sure your browser's left and right page margins are set to 0.5".  Also, be sure that the page orientation is set to landscape.  If you need assistance changing the page margins or orientation, consult your browser's Help file.